Wednesday, June 12, 2013

blue eyes, blue eyes, what's the matter, matter

I often find myself wondering, like most people (hopefully), "why?".

After an exhausting day due to some disappointing news, I tried to distract myself and decided to go for a run (not to mention, this Ragnar in t minus a week and a half isn't going to train itself). Running has been nothing but freeing for me.  It's helped me reach goals and prove things to myself.  And I for one can vouch that it truly is cheaper than therapy.

I've had several memorable runs over the years that may or may not have included tears.  Possibly one of those was tonight.  Tears were streaming down my face and my eyes were burning as I ran through the warm summer Salt Lake night.  When it hit me.

I could either sit and wallow in self pity over a situation that was over and could not be changed, or I could get over it and make the most of it and be hopeful and excited for whatever was next.

And let's be honest, my discouraging day wasn't even that bad in the grand scheme of things.  I didn't get something that I wanted. Sure, I worked hard for it, but it wasn't given to me.  It by no means compares to real trials out there.  Like friends my age who have endured divorce, or another friend who has already buried his less than three year old son and his precious two and half year old daughter's days are also numbered.

I honestly believe that we are meant for good.  To give, achieve and receive good.  But sometimes, that good comes with some trials along the way.  Sometimes we don't receive something good because something better is right around the corner.

And that's worth every trial.

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