Sunday, March 27, 2011


With Spring just around the corner, you can't help but think of renewal and a fresh start.  New hopes and new opportunities.  So much potential.  A perfect time fore reflection.

I have the tendency to focus on my have nots instead of my haves.  It's easy to stop and think about all the ways your life did go that you weren't planning on, in a negative way.  At least for me.

It's hard to let go and move on.  I like closure.  Whenever something ends, I like a reason.  Which is usually why I blame myself.  I may not like the answer, but at least it's an answer.  And then I dwell on it.  Which ends up being a pretty vicious cycle.

So I'm opting for a better approach.

"To cut my losses and let my profits run" -American proverb.

After all, there's no use crying over spilt milk.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

before i die.

Yet another post as a result of browsing the internet.

This is in New Orleans. Someone constructed this chalkboard and then put it on the side of an abandoned house in their neighborhood. It's a project similar to post secret. There are buckets of chalk that anyone can use to write their goal or what they want to accomplish. When it fills up, a picture is taken, it's washed clean and the process starts all over again. SO COOL OR WHAT?

So what do YOU want to do before you die? Leave you answer in comment form. Even if you don't have a blogger, you can still leave a comment.

As for me. These are my top 5. As for now.

1. Fall in love, get married in an LDS temple for time and all eternity and start an eternal family.
2. Serve a senior couple mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with said husband.
3. Run a marathon.
4. Learn Spanish.
5. Travel the world.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a list worth doing.

I was browsing around the internet and came upon this link

I'll admit. I was ready to not be impressed. I envisioned things like "get so drunk you can't remember your first name" or "streak at as many sporting events as possible". Things that for whatever reason define the college experience and aren't exactly up my alley. But to each his own.

But when I took a look at the list I was impressed. And intrigued. And curious. And inspired.
It's a list of legitimate things to do. That not only will improve you and prepare you for the future, but make your college experience a little more memorable and worthwhile. Some increase knowledge, some widen your scope of abilities and talents, and some are just for fun.

1. Principles » Your Dashboard

What beliefs equate to success to me?

01. [] Take the Gallup Strength Finder 2.0

02. [] Host a Potluck Dinner

03. [] Read The Alchemist

04. [] Take a Personal Development Course

05. [] Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

06. [] Journal for 30 Days in a Row

07. [] Hold 2 Leadership Positions

08. [] Read a Spiritual Text Cover to Cover

2. Passions » Your Keys

What do I love doing and why?

09. [] Play an Intramural Sport for Fun

10. [] Volunteer for an Organization that Moves You

11. [] Take a Graduate School Course

12. [] Finish an Assignment One Week Early

13. [] Do a Public Speech

14. [] Start a Campus Club

15. [] Learn to Play an Instrument

16. [] Write a Business Plan

3. Problems » Your Fuel

What social, scientific, technical, and/or personal problem do I want to solve?

17. [] Wear a Costume to Class (on a day other than Halloween)

18. [] Do Karaoke

19. [] Write an Article for the Campus Paper

20. [] Recite a Poem at an Open Mic

21. [] Correct your Professor

22. [] Do something you’ll likely get Rejected from

23. [] Get a Grade Change

24. [] Take a Quarter, Semester, or Year off

4. People » Your Motor

Whom do I want to serve and how?

25. [] Attend a Meeting of a Group you Think Thinks Differently

26. [] Get off Campus and go Camping

27. [] Join a National Organization

28. [] Mentor a Younger Person

29. [] Raise $1,000 for an Organization you Care About

30. [] Go on a Cross Country Road Trip

31. [] Study Abroad

32. [] Visit your Country of Cultural Origin

5. Positioning » Your Lane

What do I want to be #1 in the world at?

33. [] Buy your own Domain Name

34. [] Start a Blog/Website

35. [] Start Tweeting (Follow us at

36. [] Buy Business cards

37. [] Create a Resume 2.0 on KODA.US/nscs

38. [] Do your Future Job Now

39. [] Create a Portfolio of your work

40. [] Intern with Two Companies

6. Pioneers » Your Pace Cars

Who are my models, mentors, or guides?

41. [] Watch 20 Videos @

42. [] Find an Upperclassman Mentor

43. [] Take a Professor to Lunch

44. [] Seek to Meet a Prominent Alumni

45. [] Interview your Grandparents

46. [] Shadow an Alumni on a Project

47. [] Conduct Research with a Professor

48. [] Choose something to Master and Practice Everyday

7. Picture » Your Road Map

What’s my vision for myself and my world?

49. [] Learn WordPress

50. [] Master Excel and Powerpoint

51. [] Abstain from Something

52. [] Organize a Huge Event and Build a Team

53. [] Create a Vision Board

54. [] Learn how to use Photoshop or iMovie

55. [] Learn HTML & CSS

56. [] Sell something and Make a Profit

8. Possibility » Your Destination

What would be possible in the world with me that is not possible without me?

57. [] Learn to do your own Taxes

58. [] Run a Marathon

59. [] Take the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, or MCAT

60. [] Save $5,000 to $10,000

61. [] Clear your Credit Card Debt

62. [] Learn a Foreign Language

63. [] Get your Real Estate License

64. [] Earn a Certificate or License relevant to your Path

Last but not least…

65. [] Complete the 64 Things to do before you Graduate List

66. [] Graduate 10 Times more ready for the World than your Classmates

66. Route 66. Get the car theme? I thought it was pretty clever. These were all taken from the website. I didn't create any of them. I wish I was that creative . But for now I will have to benefit from the creativity of someone else.

Let's be honest. As much as I love college, it can get a little mundane. Not to say education isn't important, it's just easy to get into the school rut. You wake up, go to class, take notes, fail a test or several and there seems to be a never ending pile of homework. Your confidences waxes and wanes. And you do it day after day. Semester after semester. Year after year.

So needless to say....I'm getting a little sick of it. It being college. I think we all do. Maybe. It seems like I'm at that weird phase. About to graduate, not really sure what exactly I want to do. I have ideas, and in a perfect world I would bake cupcakes all day and sell them at my very own cupcake bakery.

Do you ever feel like life is just happening around you? Almost like you're observing it? At times I feel out of place. That I'm just here at school ever so temporarily and preparing to the best of my abilities for whatever comes next.

I think I'm in survival mode. Just taking it as it comes. Wanting to be done and on to the next phase of my life. After all, life is about progressing and growing. And I've been in this phase for so long. Since September 2005. Granted, I did take three semesters "off" to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints But still. I've been in this phase for quite. some. time.

Well my estimated graduation date is December 2011. After getting a hold on my account due to high credits, going on a wild goose chase to get it lifted, changing to a Bachelor of Science to avoid any further Spanish classes, getting an internship, and a list of other things, graduation is finally in sight. Finally.

So with two semesters left, it's coming down to the wire. And I'm going to make my college experience the very best that I can. Personally and to benefit my future. All while keeping my mental health in check.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

as promised.

It takes too long to upload photos. Stay tuned for more at a later date. When I have more patience.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

how not to teach.

We've all had a nightmare of a teacher...or two. Maybe even more. The kind that when we reminisce about our education experience it makes us shudder. Some were so bad that they may have even been the source for dropping a class.

I know that teaching is an important role and not an easy job. But just like everything in this world...there are teachers that are great and some that....fall short.

I'm currently taking a Spanish class. It has always been my dream to be fluent in Spanish. Not to mention that white boys that speak Spanish are totally dreamy. At least if you ask me.

When I was a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I was blessed to have served with two different people that were called to preach the gospel in the Spanish language. I remembered fairly quickly what I had learned from middle school and high school and was surprised how fast you can pick it up when you are around it.

When it came time to register for classes, I wanted to stay on top of learning Spanish (and I need foreign language credits for my degree) so I signed up for Spanish 201. Which is the last grammar class for non Spanish-Ed majors.

I was anxious and excited to take the class.

I found myself struggling. So I took advantage of BYU-Idaho's free tutoring services and started meeting with a private tutor once a week for an hour (which would probably cost an arm and a leg at almost any other school). He helped me a lot and was even willing to start meeting with me twice a week.

He hands down gets the award for world's most patient tutor. He explains things over and over and is encouraging while doing so. Exactly what a teacher should be. He never gets frustrated when I ask the same question time and time again and he usually tells me "I know you know this. You're just over thinking it." He encourages me to take some time and think about it or even write it down and look at it before giving my answer. Yet again, gives advice based on my individual learning style. Potential future teacher? Survey says: yes.

I was improving in the class but still struggling at the same time. I realized that if I wanted to improve the most that I could, that I was going to have to put forth more effort. I was going to have to volunteer answers in class and take full advantage of the classroom and risk sounding like an idiot.

The class is taught entirely in Spanish. Which is hard and challenging but effective.

So today we were reviewing for an upcoming test.

My teacher was reviewing the subjunctive with time clauses. She asked "Class, when do we use the subjunctive with time clauses?"

I remembered reviewing this with my tutor. I was grateful that I was starting to grasp and remember the context.

I answered...."With commands and the future tense."

"Well.....uh....we already knew that. You always use the subjunctive with commands"
Which is only slightly true. The actual word that is the command is formed the same way as the subjunctive tense, but its possible to have a command in a non subjunctive sentence. Just saying.

Well whatever, it's not like teachers haven't shot me down before.

We started reviewing something else. My teacher was talking about when something is either indefinite or nonexistent. I raised my hand and said that I didn't understand the difference.

"Well....(shooing hand wave)'ll figure it out."

REALLY?! I mean really.

You're a teacher. By definition you get PAID TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS.

Everyone around me was on my side. They said that they didn't know the thing about commands and subjunctive and they quickly whispered that they would explain the difference after class.

How is this supposed to encourage me? And I know that I'm not alone. I know plenty of students in this class and in general are discouraged by their teachers. Which is pretty sad, if you ask me.

I know that she can't hold our hand the entire way, and that at some point I'm going to have to learn this on my own. But that's just it. AT SOME POINT. Like say, after class? After she teaches us? After I graduate and I have sufficiently taken the classes I need and I'm no longer a student.

Isn't school for LEARNING? For asking questions and getting answers?
Maybe I've been wrong all of these years.

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