Thursday, April 16, 2009

DC = cool - lame crowds at museums.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I. Hate. Crowds. Hate them, hate them, hate them. I took a psych class and the teacher said that the fear of crowds, enoclophobia, means "fear of the marketplace" and you don't like them because you're affraid that if something happens to you there would be too many people for someone to notice. Or something like that. Either way there are too many people in one small space.

Why do I hate crowds? For starters, I have a huge personal bubble. I don't like people getting that close to me. So you better keep your distance.

Secondly. When a person is in a crowd, it seems that all previous unwritten rules that every human being knows, go completely out the window. Like budging in line, being polite, and randomly singing while in public that's not at a performance, and everything like such as.


My family and I took a trip to Bethesda, Maryland this past week to be part of a medical study. After being poked and prodded at for a few days, we had a day off. We took the metro to DC to do some touristy things. It was raining that day. Of course. So the three Smithsonian museums that we went to were super crowded. Perfect. I'm guessing they're all usually pretty crowded, but since it was my first time going, I had nothing to measure it against. And there were about 50,000 screaming kids running around that were there on a school field trip. Double perfect.

The American History Museum holds the American Flag that Francis Scott Key saw that inspired him to write the Star Spangled Banner. Pretty cool. Of course there was a long line, but it was worth the wait. The line went outside of the room that it was in and people were lined up in single file fashion. But once you got into the room it was like a mad house of people trying to push their way up to the front.


Wait your turn. There are lines for a reason. And people will shove all up in your personal space as long as they get to look at whatever they've been waiting in line for. In this case, a flag.

And I won't even tell about the crowds when we saw Honest Abe's hat.

As much as I don't crowds it was still a pretty sweet museum. That museum had all sorts of cool crap. And I'm sure the other ones had just as much. We only made it to three of the who knows how many Smithsonian museums.

If you go to DC, I suggest not doing it on your one day off from medical tests. Spend a whole week there.

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