Friday, February 25, 2011

rexburg for the win

Rexburg is known for a lot of things.

It's the home to BYU-Idaho.
Cranks out the most engagements and marriages in record time.
Nothing is open past 11 pm.

But I would say the thing that it is most known for and its greatest skill would be its ability to turn an entire town into an ice rink in the blink of an eye.

Rexburg, Idaho has the most random weather patterns I have ever experienced. And I'm convinced it would take home the blue ribbon if it ever went up in a global competition.

It's usually bitter cold throughout the week, way nice on Saturday and a majority of Sunday, and then Sunday night there's a freak snow storm. Just in time to turn all of Rexburg into a lethal ice rink as students brave the sidewalks on their way to class. Which only Kristi Yamaguchi or Scott Hamilton could ever appreciate.

My teacher once told me that the city of Rexburg has two concers that when combined turn into one giant problem.

1. They don't want to ruin the streets.
2. They don't want to ruin their snowplows.

So when they go out in the morning to "plow" the roads, they don't scrape right against the skreet. No, they scrape about an inch above the skreet. Thus creating a sheer sheet of ice, encompassing the entire town. Perfect for slipping.

I bet they could have saved money if they purchased a zamboni instead.

1 comment:

  1. I hate the lack of snow removal in Rexburg!
    They don't believe in salting the roads either. My chemistry teacher said it was because they don't want to ruin the undercarriages of cars.


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