Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WARNING: I'm getting old.

The other day as I was getting ready for the day I noticed the culprit. I tried to take a picture for proof but it wasn't working out so well. You'll have to use your imagination.

A GRAY hair. Gray and shiny. A GRAY HAIR?! And this isn't the first time one has surfaced. I think my sister so lovingly pointed one out to me while we were in Target by pointing at me, grabbing and yanking my hair and saying, in not the quietest voice you've ever heard, "Is that a GRAY hair?!" I think I was maybe 19 at the time.

Since when did teenagers and college students start getting gray hair? Isn't that something reserved for our grandparents? And really old people? When my grandma died she still had mostly brown hair.

I mean I'm not that old. I'm only 23. 24 next month. Of course according to Mormon folklore I'm a few years shy of becoming a menace to society. But still, I'm only in my 20's. Early 20's mind you.

I have heard that gray hair is a sign of stress. Which I guess wouldn't be that far off. I tend to get stressed fairly easily. And I have about two million things to figure out before I graduate in December. But the fact still remains that I've fallen victim of early-onset graying in the hairs.

For future gray hairs: please keep your distance. You're not wanted.


  1. Don't worry it happens to the best of us. I found my first gray hair on the eve of my 25th birthday.

  2. I've counted 9 gray hairs so far, and 7 of them came before I had a could be looking a lot older. My mom started going gray at 16 (bummer, right?), so she's been dyeing her hair since.


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