Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i just don't understand

Do you ever get lost in your thoughts? I do. And let me tell you, sometimes it's enough to make me crazy. These are the things that I 100% do not understand.

1. Christopher Columbus.
How can he possibly say that he was the first person to discover America when the story goes that he got off the boat and met Native Americans? Even his own story doesn't line up.

2. How people don't realize what they're literally saying when they use the word literally.
Have you ever noticed how much people use the word literally? And when they do, have you ever stopped and thought about what they actually are saying when they use said word?

"She literally took the words out of my mouth."
"I was so sick last night I literally died" Which I literally heard when I was walking home from class one day.
"I literally cried my eyes out."

Literally, each would be quite the feat. But maybe not quite what they literally meant.

3. Starvation mode.
Is there really such a thing? You hear people say over and over "don't cut out too many calories when trying to lose weight. If you do your body will go into starvation mode and you'll end up not losing anything."

Well then riddle me this. Why is it that people who are anorexic (not that I'm promoting it by any means), children in Africa, victims of the Holocaust and contestants on Survivor eat next to nothing for days on end and before you know it they are withering away to dangerously low weights?

4. Natural Sugar vs. Sugar.
Sugar cane is pretty natural, last time I checked. I mean it's a plant and sugar is harvested from it. So natural sugar substitute like honey or agave, isn't really a substitute. It's just another option. And either way, it's still sugar.

Tune in later for more wonders of the Universe.

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