Wednesday, June 13, 2012

when I was your age

The other day when I was at work the news was on they were talking about favorite retro toys.

Things like pogs, lite bright, easy bake ovens, beanie babies, etc.

At almost the exact same moment the thought crossed my mind, the anchor beat me to it and spoke it.

"Wait a minute, are the 90s retro?"
"Yeah!  They were 20 years ago!"

WHAT?!  How were the 90s twenty years ago?  TWENTY? 

Have I finally reached the age where it's appropriate to share stories from my childhood and kids today will look at me in horror, wondering how I possibly survived childhood?

Like when my mom tells me that her easy bake oven and creepy crawler maker were so dangerous she near missed electricution on multiple occassions?  Today they're powered by a light bulb. 

I know I still have a lot of my life to live, but sometimes it gets a little depressing.

Like when I find out that some of my friends were born in the 90s.  It's a line that once it's defined and crossed, it's hard to go back.  Not that I'm that far off, only a few years, but still.  I'm a prodcut of the 80s.  Who's born in the 90s?  Pfffft.     

Or when I was working at an elementary school and every single kid was born in --I don't even know what you'd say these days,--the thousands???!!

Here's to growing old.  It never stops.


  1. My easy bake over could electrocute me and my creepy crawler machine nearly lit me on fire every time I used it. (And... some of those creey crawlers were allegedly edible.)

    Cheers for being smart enough to outlive our toys!

  2. it is way creepy. you make so many great points.


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