Monday, August 06, 2012

letters to myself

Dear future self,

This month’s fast Sunday was really good. They usually are, but it’s interesting how on occasion every word seems to be exactly what you need to hear at just that moment. It’s been happening a lot lately when I go to church, especially on the Sundays where we abstain from food and water for that set of time, that I find answers to my prayers in the heart felt testimony of others. I wish I could write a thank you card to each person whose testimony has comforted my heart and calmed my worries. But I’d be running out of stamps like you wouldn’t even believe, so I hope that somehow they can feel in return that their words were successful and touched someone.

I hope you remember how you felt each of those times. When hard times arise and trials come a knocking, I hope you remembered how you felt sitting in that chapel. I hope you remember feeling the peace the gospel brings. I hope you allowed that peaceful feeling to pull you through whatever times lie ahead. Hard and good. Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. The truth of the gospel.

Sometimes I wish there really was a way I could contact you. Or look into a crystal ball. Or something.

I wonder what life will bring, and if I’m doing the right things to bring it about. If I’m living in the right city. If I’m working at the right job. If I’m associating with the right people.

I wish that you could give me some advice. Answer some of my questions. You could let me know that it really is about time I start worrying less, although it’s still something you’re working on, but making improvements. To really go for your goals. That nothing is too far from reach. That as much as you wish, life will never be as simple as it was on your mission. But that doesn’t need to be a burden or something to resent. That the greater the risk, the greater the reward. To take some chances. To continue doing everything you’re doing.

I suppose that’s the beauty of life. That we don’t always know, but we can know it’s right. That if we’re doing the right thing that it can’t not work out. We know when we’re doing the right thing. We know when we aren’t. We can always try a little harder and we always know in which areas.

current Christine


  1. I hope future Christine gets to read this, it's a great letter to her.


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