Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two years ago I had the worst easter of arguably my entire life.

It started with my car breaking down 45 minutes from home.  I was frantically texting my mom trying to figure out my triple A account while simultaneously dealing with texts from just about the last person I ever expected to hear from.  I eventually tracked down my triple A account number and called a tow truck.  He was able to tow me to the nearest garage which was still 30 miles away from home.  My friends that I was with had to get back on the road and couldn't wait to give me a ride, so I shamelessly called my cousin and asked if he could come pick me up and take me up to Salt Lake.  In the process of getting my car to the garage my phone died, but the tow man was nice enough to make sure I had a ride before going on his merry way.

I walked to the nearest gas station and bought a charger (an Easter miracle they had one that fit my phone) and plugged it in behind the deep freezer holding ice cream sandwiches and drumsticks.  I stood and waited for over an hour while a different cousin showed up to take me home.  During all the commotion I missed the Easter dinner I was supposed to go to and instead ate a quesadilla and watched How I Met Your Mother on my laptop.

This year proved to be much better.

Katie was in town for her break between semesters at BYU-Idaho.

We made cinnamon roll waffles for breakfast.

We went to church.

(Sorry, no picture)

Shauna and I hosted our second Easter dinner for friends that are from out of state that included an Easter egg hunt.

We whipped up your traditional Easter dinner with ham, biscuits, asparagus, salad and potatoes.

For dessert I made a carrot cake.

Easter 2014 for the win.

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  1. Yay for 2014. I remember the bad one... with the bad cousin who left you hanging. And the bad car.


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