Tuesday, December 09, 2008

i hate my car. take two.

Yesterday Katie and I had to fix our car.

I got out of one of my classes early and didn't have my next one, so I went home and called triple A.  They came and put the spare on, and I went to class.  We planned to meet up after our classes that ended at three.  First we would go get Katie's rabies shots and then we would go to Idaho Falls around 6:30.  We were driving home from the hospital and we decided we should just go right then.  We had to get it done, and the sooner the better.

I went home, grabbed my Sam's Club card, and we were on our way.  The tow man who put on the spare said that we shouldn't go above 55 mph on it.  So we putted along the highway, and arrived at Sam's Club.  The lady at the desk said it would be about two hours till it was done.  Awesome.

We got some dinner, and then walked around the store.  For eons.  Or so it seemed.  It turned out to only be about 45 minutes.  So we found some couches and passed out.

"Attention members and guests.  Would Christine Fleming please come to the tire and battery center."

Our car was FINALLY done.  Nothing else to worry about.  We could get everything done this next week because our car was fixed.

Katie and I were now on our way back to Rexburg.  She was driving and we were about 5 miles away from Rexburg, just outside of Rigby.  When there's a really loud and weird thumping noise.

You guessed it.  Our tire went flat AGAIN!  Sam's Club claimed that they rotated our tires, so it would appear that another tire went flat, because it was the front drivers side tire.  AGAIN.

So we called triple A.  Again.  They came and put the spare on.  Again.  We drove home on the spare.  The next day we drove to Idaho Falls on the spare.  Again.  Waited at Sam's Club for two hours while they fixed the car. Again.  This time they ended up putting a new tire on.  

And it has been fine since.  Knock on wood.  

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