Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'll admit it, I'm a pet person.

For as long as I can remember, my family has had a pet. I was really little when we got our first dog, Boomer. She was a Border Collie, and one of the nicest dogs ever.
Since then we've had quite the list of animals, which include, but are not limited to...

you get the idea. My family likes animals. Or at least my mom, my sister, and I. My dad likes them because we do. He's the most easy going person on the face of the earth. It may seem weird to say this about a pet (I don't think so) but they truly become a family member.

Before I continue, I realize that it may seem silly
to write a post about pets, and as you'll see later, more specifically, one pet. But you know what? This is my blog. My posts. My documenting. So if you think it's silly, I don't really care. Too harsh? I didn't think so either.


Boomer died when I was in 5th grade. She was a really smart dog and she got bored easily. She got so bored one night that she ate some carpet. We had really old carpet in our house, and it came off in long messy strings. It got tangled up in her stomach. The vets did all they could but they just couldn't save her.

We tossed around the idea of getting a new dog, but nothing was set in stone. Then one week when my dad was out of town, we were given the opportunity to rescue the sweetest, kindest, Australian Shepherd from Iowa. We were soon able to call her our own, and we named her Zuzu. Everyone loved her, and she loved everyone back.

But with age, came illness. We had to give her large amounts of medicine on a daily basis, and she wasn't getting any better.

About a week ago it had been almost one year that she was on her medicine. My sister and I knew that things were getting really bad and that she most likely wouldn't make it until we got home for Christmas break. I called my mom on a Saturday and she said that things were getting really bad. She couldn't even stand up on her own. She was trying to get a hold of her vet and said that once she did we would probably have to put her to sleep.

The next morning I had an email from my mom. There were two actually, one had an attachment and the other was entitled Zuzu.

I opened the attachment first. It was enough. Zuzu was finally out of her misery, but she would be missed terribly.

r.i.p. Zuzu. Make friends with Boomer.


  1. <3 zoom zoom

    p.s. you forgot:

  2. Taffrine, a "cocktail" is a drink. We had cockatiels.

    1. This comment. Hahahahahahahaha. I am literally dying.


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