Sunday, January 18, 2009

do your cache hang low.

I have successfully completed one of my new year's resolutions.


I found my first three today, alongside Christina Mitchell and Jessica Durham.  We took a trip to Las Vegas for the long weekend.  Christina lives here, so we stayed at her house.  I've been wanting to try geocaching for quite some time now.  We decided that we would make some time for it while we were in Las Vegas, so I brought along my handy dandy GPS do hickey for the trip (referred to as Susan from here on out), and we decided to do some while we were down here.
We went to and found some coordinates, plugged them into Susan, and were on our way.

This was the first cache we found.  Called Dancing Princesses.  It was underneath that black box on a lamppost. Christina lifted it up, and bada bing, there it was. 

#2  Did he invent lamps?  Also found underneath a lamppost.  Seemed to be a common theme for our very first day of geocaching.

Last but not least, From a King's View.  Was also found, you guessed it, under a lamppost.  This one was a take something, leave something.  We took these sweet purple dice and left a shamwow sample we got from this crazy guy at the mall yesterday.  

You may have noticed a small notebook, pad of paper, etc. in each of the geocaches.  When you find one, you are supposed to log that you found it.  Your name and the date.  Several people had already found it that day or a day or two earlier.  Pretty cool.  

Geocaching is quite possibly my new favorite activity.  Stay tuned for updates.  And while you're at it, explore the geocaching world right outside your door.  You won't regret it.  

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