Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's the final countdown.

The end is in sight.  Five school weeks left of the semester.  It's crazy, let me tell you.
This semester has been....eventful?

Mission papers are FINALLY in.  After stuff getting lost, things not getting submitted, the stake presidency calling me numerous times because they didn't have sufficient information.  Like my height.  Pretty sure that's on my medical papers.  The point is, they are in.  IN!  Now I'm waiting on a call.  My stake president, President Packard said that he was going to submit them on Sunday, they would be at church headquarters on Monday (YESTERDAY) and that I would receive a call in TEN days.  The quorum of the 12 makes all of the assignments and then President Monson confirms them on Thursdays.  They make 600 in four hours.  Amazing?  I'd say so.

People keep asking me where I want to go.  And I can honestly say "I don't care."  I am just so excited to go and I know that wherever I am called to is where I am supposed to be and that it came from the prophet who is inspired by God.

Pretty cool.  

The only thing that I am really hoping for is that I'll have the chance to learn a language, especially Spanish.


  1. That is so awesome! I'm so glad you're going on a mission--you'll do a great job! Make sure to post where you get sent because I WANT TO KNOW!


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