Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mission wish list.

Missionaries have pretty strict rules about what they're allowed to wear.  Guys look good in suits no matter what, and although I know the goal of a missionary shouldn't be to make sure they look good while they are serving, I still want to make sure that I don't look like a frump while in the process.  

Missionaries spend a lot of time on their feet (or bikes) thus begins the nearly impossible task of finding cute and comfortable shoes.  Yet again, something only Sisters seem to have to worry about.  Do Elders worry about cute shoes?  Negative.  Although, my guess would be that dress shoes are also fairly uncomfortable.  So they still have the shoe task at hand.  

So I've been scouring the internet and different stores to get an idea of some clothes I could buy when I get home to wear while I'm in Virginia.  I've also been looking at non clothes items that will be fun to buy, like bedding, a backpack, pens/paper, etc. 

RSVP pens are hands down, the best pens.  Ever.

I think that  Camelbak's are the coolest backpacks in the world, and I am TOTALLY getting one.  OK, so I might already have one, but it's not big enough to be a missionary backpack!  I even told myself that if I went stateside I was definitely getting one because I would be able to trust the water to fill it up with water from the sink.  If you ask me, it's fate.  

I imagine that these shoes are fairly comfortable.  And they aren't too frumpy either.  Right?


  1. I love pens.
    those are beautiful :)

  2. These sound awesome...I think they have those shoes at famous footwear, and I'd walk around in them for a little while in the store to test them out. Yay for a mission!

  3. That is a great wish list!
    Those shoes don't look frumpy at all. And I agree wif you about elders having it easier dress wise.


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