Thursday, March 26, 2009

happy make up your own holiday day.

I couldn't be more serious.  Today is actually national make up your own holiday day.  I mean, I found it on the internet so it must be true.  So what is my holiday that I am going to make up and celebrate?

National Sonic Strawberry Limeade Day.  

Why wouldn't you want to dedicate an entire day to the most delicious drink known to the human race?  Strawberry Limeade is amazing.  Why?  Let me count the ways.

1.  The ice.  I love ice, and I love chewing ice.  A bad habit I got from my mom.  But the ice from sonic is the best.  It's the perfect crunchiness.

2.  The REAL strawberries and limes.  Even if you suck down the strawberry limeade in record time, like I may or may not, the deliciousness does not end there.  Oh no.  Once you have drank all of the limeade substance, you are left with a delicious pile of perfectly chewy strawberries.  Sometimes you even suck one up the straw.  Double Perfect.

3.  Strawberry Limeade is the best when your roommate has the sonic sticker and you get the biggest size, the Route 44 size for only ONE DOLLAR!
Triple Perfect.

So what do you say?  Let's celebrate National Sonic Strawberry Limeade day and treat ourselves to a delicious strawberry limeade.  

Call me and we'll go together.  

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