Saturday, March 28, 2009

peace, love, and racquetball.

I have recently discovered a new love in my life.  Racquetball.  If you ever have the chance, PLAY IT!  
I never knew that BYU-Idaho had legit racquetball courts.  I figured they somehow set up some makeshift ones in the field house because everything from volleyball games to track meets have been held there.  But oh no.  BYU-I has five of their own actual racquetball courts.  So after many, many, many weeks of saying to my roommate, Christina "Hey, we need to reserve a racquetball court sometime and try and play" we FINALLY did.  We played for the first time on Tuesday.  Then we played Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  

The first couple days we just hit the ball around.  Then Christina and I played the game how we thought it made sense.  

Then, today, today we played with my other roommate Alli and her fiance Jacob (whose uncle is ranked third in the WORLD, by the way) and we were pretty far off.  

The point is, is that racquetball is great.  Tons of fun.  And you don't even realize that you're getting a fabulous workout because it's that fun.

Injuries sustained from racquetball:
Getting pelted in....
the arm
the knee
the hand
the back
the calf
and the face.  It's a good thing you are required to wear goggles in the courts.  


  1. ive heard rumors of those courts at BYU.
    Summer 09 will be full of raquestball, tandum bike rides, and much much more.

  2. You totally should! It's so much fun. And if you play a few days in a row or fairly close to each other, you'll pick it up pretty fast.

  3. Racquetball is awesome, but for the record it does not make a good date. Rather, it makes quite a risky date. I took a girl on a racquetball date once and accidentally pelted her a couple of times in sensitive areas and smacked her with my racquet. DISASTROUS.

  4. ice cream is gonna save the day.

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