Sunday, November 06, 2011

david duchovny, why won't you love me?

I found another culprit that steals my time. Netflix instant stream. Why? Because every episode ever of the X-Files is available. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I just barely started my marathon, which I intend to make some serious progress on during Thanksgiving break. One thing this year I will FOR SURE be grateful for.

The X-Files premiered in 1993, meaning I would have been six years old. I've seen quite a few episodes, but not many of the early ones. You see, Netflix really only has my best interest in mind.

There's quite the history in my life with X-Files. My mom got me into it. I had a close group of friends that had a similar interest in the X-Files. We may or may not have had a party for the season finale one year. Or possibly series finale, I can't quite remember. One of them REALLY liked the X-Files and we may or may not have called each other Mulder and Scully. If it did happen, it was sixth grade. Not exactly a record breaking year for good ideas or non-embarrassing stories.


The X-Files has a lot of things going for it, but I'd say one of the main reasons being this leading man.

Special Agent Fox Mulder. MULDER. He makes me melt just watching the show. His witty and sarcastic humor and masked nerd tendencies. The ultimate motivation for his job--solving his little sisters case. Obviously he's quite the family man.

There's hidden tension between him and Scully, you can tell he goes to great lengths to protect her. So clearly he's in touch with his emotions, I can get with that. Although the coming episodes and seasons will only confirm that my chances with him are done for as their relationship continues to grow.

And he towers over Scully, so he's got to be at least 6 foot. The definition of a true man, if you ask me. And his dark hair and dark eyes. Talk about a dreamboat.

I also may or may not have been so excited for the most recent X-Files movie that I made a t-shirt that said "Mulder is a FOX" and wore it to the movie theater. I thought it was wickedly clever and my family made fun of me.

I'm already dreading the season when Mulder leaves the FBI, due to his own abduction, and Agent Doggett takes his place. Don't get me wrong, Doggett brings a lot to the plate. He can run like nobody's business.

But he's no Mulder. And he never will be.

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  1. Yeah I totally had a thing for Scully. Like, I had it BAD.


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