Monday, June 25, 2012

I beg your pardon?

Do you ever have those moments in a conversation where you are so caught off guard you have no idea how to respond?

Here are some of mine. 
Conversations I have actually had or things that people have actually said to me.
“Girrrrrrrrl.  You make Springtime look great.”
(said by someone potentially high and/or hung-over)

“Are you white?”
(read here for more details)

“Is he cute?”
(as if a cute boy could be interested in me?)

“You can make donuts?  I thought they were something you just bought.”

“I’ll go on a date.  But I’m not going to kiss you just yet.”
(Thanks for the warning?)

"Wow.  This is taking a really long time.  I guess it's because I'm used to drawing skinny people."
(Is that a fat joke?)

"You're so good.  You're just such....a sweet spirit."
(do you know what that phrase means?)

And quite possibly my all time favorite...

“You’re a classy broad.”

(thank you 60 year old man that visits me at my desk)

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